My current focus in cooking is sous vide with an emphasis in tailgating at Atlanta United games. I like cooking for people and tailgating is a great outlet for that. The limited resources available when tailgating requires planning and creativity.



Since I am currently interested in sous vide style cooking, there are a few resources online where I gather (steal) most of my ideas.

Sous Vide Everything youtube channel – these guys are fearless and have a disregard for measuring that I fully endorse.

Serious Eats



I have an Anova WiFi which I adore. It the wireless and bluetooth version, mainly for the extra power. I rarely use the app and just adjust the temperature via the knob. It goes on sale often, so just keep an eye out. The lack of the ability to manually operate the Joule is a major drawback for me.

I use a bernzomatic TS8000 torch that I use for searing. I use the MAP/PRO fuel instead of the butane. It is a little more expensive, but it lasts for awhile. I think it is worth it to avoid the apocryphal butane taste of which I have seen stories online. Sometimes I will combine it with searing in a “screaming hot” cast iron pan, but that usually leads to a very smokey situation in my poorly ventilated kitchen. Usually I will torch it on a roasting pan with a slotted grate and a wire rack.

I have a portable Coleman Roadtrip grill with the propane tank attachment that I use for tailgating. The main problem I have with it is that it is not quite tall enough to fit large pork butts comfortably. I end up having to shift the cooking grill inserts around some, but it works well otherwise.

I also use a 12″ pellet tube smoker with the Coleman Roadtrip. It provides a lot of smoke and the only issue I’ve had is getting it to go out when I’m finished. I usually try to get the smoke trapped using an aluminum foil pan that I shape for airflow.

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