Hi, I’m Richard, a geek living in Atlanta.


As an ex-vegetarian of 20+ years, I have just started to explore the carnivore side of cooking. Luckily, I have come to it with no preconceived notions as to how meat and BBQ should interact. This led me straight to sous vide as my main tool for meat cookery.

The inaugural season of Atlanta United FC gave opportunities for establishing a tailgate. Sous vide is a great way to prep food in a way it can be finished by the limited resources of a small tailgate setup. I expect tailgating methods and recipes to become a focus of this blog.


I also have a burgeoning obsession with tiki drinks, especially the making of tiki drinks. In Atlanta, we are lucky enough to have a Trader Vic’s pretty close to my house. It is the traditional Saturday night hangout for me and friends during DragonCon. Although the memories of those trips can be spotty, we have a great time and stories from the event. Add to that having a local producer of Cthulhu and horror themed tiki barware and you get an obsession.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and rants here. I try to give references where available, but many are conglomerations from multiple sources, subject to the availability of ingredients and methods, and the things that happen during preparation where you have to improvise.

This is the way recipes should work. They are just a plan.