Sous Vide Sir Loin of Roast

I saw that the Krobar had chuck roasts on sale right after Christmas, so I went to pick some up for the freezer. Unfortunately, they were all gone when I got there, but I did find a bunch of Choice Sirloin Tip roasts for $5/lb. So, I picked up a couple for future use. I bagged them with salt, pepper, granulated garlic and big sprigs of rosemary and put them in the freezer.


I reviewed several online sources, but didn’t see anything really good for sirloin tip roast. Everything seemed to suggest somewhere around 24 hours at steak temperatures.  So, I heated up to 131.5 and put the frozen sirloin roast in early on a Saturday night. I wasn’t sure if it would get floaty or not. It didn’t seem a particularly fatty cut ( so is the 24 hour cook necessary? ), but I set up my restraining environment anyway.


I let it cook for a little over 24 hours. I ended up pulling it out around 25 hours so I could time it to finish about the same time as the iPot French Onion Soup.


It actually looks appetizing in the bag with the flash hitting it in the right light. But after debagging it and reserving the meat juice, I proceeded to give it a good torching.



Luckily, I remembered to take off the twine that it came wrapped in. It would have livened up my Sunday night if I had caught the twine on fire, but I was juggling making soup at the same time, so no need for extra excitement.


The roast ended up a lot more rare than the picture looks. It was really tender, but not as juicy as I expected. Looking at the separation of the fibers, I think it may have overcooked some. I am going to poke around more on the web before I cook the next one, but I am thinking of trying 10 hours next time.

I took the juices and reduced it with some mustard and garlic. I added a cornstarch slurry to thicken it up also. I had to strain the mustard seeds and “thick juice pieces” out of the sauce to make it look prettier.

It was tasty and also made some great sandwiches the next couple of day.



I will consider this as test #1 and try to improve next time. I am going to find a chuck roast to try with this same recipe. I think the extra fattiness will work better with the 24+ cook time.


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