The Darth Vader

“I don’t fear you” – Ezra Bridger

“Then you will die braver than most” – Lord Vader

Ahhh… Darth Vader. What drink could do justice to this marvelous villain?




Full of Sorrow and Regret.

Sounds like a Negroni to me! Or at least something resembling one.

A conversation on the Tiki Recipes Facebook group recently focused on the Kingston Negroni. Even with my current Tiki obsession, I have still harbor a mostly unrequited love for gin and the vehicle of the Negroni. Proper Negroni preparation involves collecting gins, sweet vermouths and Campari style amaros. Campari is the flag carrying standard of the default amaro throughout most of the experimentation to create your favorite Negroni.

“Use the Force, Luke”

After you discover that there is no “perfect” gin for a negroni and there is no “perfect” vermouth for a Negroni, you realize that Campari is not a requirement and you can experiment along that axis also. This leads to the true understanding that a Negroni is the combination of the three ingredients. And modifying one ingredient does not break the perfection as long as you switch the other ingredients accordingly. Just like the Force is the interactions between all living things, the Negroni is the interaction between the three ingredients.

“You don’t know the power of the Dark Side”

The Darth Vader is based on the Kingston Negroni and the Salted Negroni. It is a Kingston Negroni with the addition of smoked Maldon salt ( You really have to believe Darth Vader smells like smoke everywhere he goes, right? ). The basic Negroni is a strong cocktail. Just Gin + Italian Vermouth + Campari. All liquors, liqueurs and fortified wines. The original Kingston Negroni embraces the full power of the Dark Side by exchanging Smith & Cross Navy Proof ( 114 proof ) for the gin ( ~80+ proof ). This is a fully operational drink. I had one of these at The Dorsey in Las Vegas and it was outstanding, but I was too weak to have a second. Unfortunately, they sensed my weakness and used a heavy hand with all their drinks. But that is another story…

Darth Recipe

The Darth Vader – Learn the Power of the Dark Side

  • 2 oz Smith & Cross ( Navy Strength 114 proof )
  • 2 oz Leopold Bros Apertivo ( or Campari )
  • 2 oz Carpano Antica Formula Italian Vermouth
  • Pinch of Maldon Smoked Salt crushed
  • Big Ass Cube of ice


  1. Add Big Ass Cube of ice to appropriate glassware ( olde fashioned glass if you do not have a fancy Darth Vader mug ).
  2. Add ingredients to glassware.
  3. Stir.
  4. Stay away from your lightsaber.

Darth Presentation

I tried to add an orange wheel as a garnish, but it ran away.

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